"Empty Nest" - 36x48 Canvas Original

Professional grade oil paint on gallery wrap canvas custom framed with recycled wood from warehouse shipping pallets. A concentrated viewpoint of an abandoned warehouse in the small industrial town of Turtle creek Pennsylvania. Using a combination of highly observed detail brush work and subtle application of paint with the palette knife, my focus was to allude towards a sense of energy fading. I was drawn to the cause and effect each window had experienced; some being characteristically damaged more than others. This painting continues on with the series concerning entropy, where an isolated system creates an equilibrium that adapts and grows though time, yet is designed to strike on an emotional level. There is an expression of a complex history, lost hope, and a limited perspective of the future. Here is a depiction of the mind: the pathologies it constantly proccesses, and the impact an environment has on it over time.

Sold By: Rachel Renaudin


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 36 × 48 in


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