Roebling Park" 18"X24" Canvas, Wood, Metal, or Acrylic Print

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18″X24″ Canvas, Wood, Metal,
or Acrylic Print

Tonal piece of the quaint Roebling park that is tucked on the northeast side of the little town of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. John Roebling, one of the founders of the town, was known for inventing the steel rope, which he used to design the Brooklyn Bridge. His workshop from 1840 continues to stand today as the centerpiece of the park, along with the Saxonburg Museum, a downsized replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, a beautiful gazebo, veterans memorials, gardens, and Cooper Hall. During community days, residents gather here to have festivals and local music events. It is not uncommon to walk by and witness a wedding ceremony and reception on this picturesque park. Working with the warm and cool aspects of black and white, light and space is established through the tertiaries.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 2 × 18 in


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