The Moan - porcelain teapot and cup

This piece is entirely inspired by the album "The Moan" by the band The Black Keys. Imagery and general feeling of the album are what form the bases of this piece : A heavy loaded down truck, tied up with things, memories - Heavy Soul. Set up on cinder blocks although the feeling remains - Have Love Will Travel. The rough voice belting out unhindered like the open mouth. This is a hand-built functional* teapot with spout being the phonograph. This porcelain has mason stain applied as well as found rope. The dimensions are approximately teapot: 9" Long x 6" Wide x 9" High and cup: 4" High and 4" at  the base.   *Although this piece is completely functional it is not food safe as it has no glossy finish and is not intended for use.

Sold By: Alyssa Young


Additional information

Weight 4.11 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in


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