Max Gonzales


I did some "bad" stuff and The City of Pittsburgh™ didn't like that. I got sent to jail and went to court 🙁 Now I'm broke and I still have the whole city's attention, so I'll make some "good" art 🙂 @goodboygems


Jerome Charles


I'm just happy to be here.
Join me as I develop as an artist.



Shane Pilster


Shane Pilster is an artist, muralist, curator, and graphic designer. Bridging his expertise in graffiti and urban arts with community involvement, he prides himself in also being an educator, advocate, mentor, and well-rounded, creative individual.


Ashley Hodder


Ashley Hodder is a Pittsburgh artist and art educator who has created educational programs and over 75 public art projects. She served as artist in residence of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for five years. Her large scale work can be seen in Braddock, Allentown, South Side, Strip District, Wilkinsburg, Etna, Mt. Washington, Shadyside, and many other Pittsburgh neighborhoods.


Christian Miller


Artist Christian Miller, AKA Mad Rabbit, Is a Pittsburgh based illustrator, printmaker and muralist. His work is inspired by the warm feeling that you get when you bring laughter and joy to someone. The moment when someone is laughing and feeling as though everything is right in their world, is what he aims to create for those who view his work.


Scott Brozovich


David Scott Brozovich is the Co-Owner of My City Sesh, Event Coordinator at Wicked Pittsburgh, and Treasurer of PghNorml. I like to paint! Let me splash color on your wall in exchange for cash! Aerosol Artist, Painter, Designer, Etc. I work with many mediums and enjoy trying new things. I just like to create, be happy and enjoy good vibes!



The Wicked Pittsburgh Mural Team is a full service creative collective providing: large-scale mural work, interactive installations, custom signage + letting painting, and live painting displays - all while donating 20% back to a local Pittsburgh arts, education, or public health initiative.