Keith Loughrey

After 35 years in the construction business, Keith Loughrey, decided to focus on his true passion: woodworking. He founded Burghwood in 2015 and has been creating one-of-a-kind craftsman-style furniture ever since. Burghwood uses rescued and dormant wood to create beautiful pieces that are built to last many lifetimes. Keith’s work is inspired by the Stickley Brothers and architects Greene and Greene. When Keith isn’t milling wood in his workshop, you can find him tending to his herb garden and spending time with his wife and pug.

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Kimberly Ryan

Kimberly Ryan Artworks

Born in Frankfurt, Germany and currently living just northeast of Pittsburgh, PA, Kimberly Ryan's work is influenced by her travels as well her daily life here in Pittsburgh. Painting since childhood Kimberly is primarily self taught, although, she has taken private lessons and attended classes at the Chicago Art Institute. With the use of bright vibrant colors, traditional landscapes, gothic Halloween art, and animal portraits, there is a diverse imagery to explore in her work.

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Kirsten Lowe-Rebel

100% hand drawn and handcrafted, KLoRebel art is the work of native Pittsburgh artist Kirsten Lowe-Rebel. Reimagining her drawings as pattern, she uses her fine art prints to create a line of unique wearable art jewelry, accessories and gifts. Each one-of-a-kind piece speaks to the texturally rich urban fabric of our steel town. You can find Kirsten drawing, packaging and running her business from her home studio in Lawrenceville or in the Shaler garage studio creating wood and metal pieces along side of her Grandma, the KLoRebel director of textiles.

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Lauren Zurchin

Lauren Zurchin is a fine art photographer and artist, located in the Pittsburgh area. She travels all over to get her shots, and loves to combine beautiful costumes and props with gorgeous locations. You can find her on instagram @lzstudios, and online at

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Lisa Drakes

Head of Jewelry

I believe that beauty can be found in everyday objects. Some items in my repurposed line are light bulbs repurposed into vases, old game pieces such as Bingo chips, Scrabble pieces, and Monopoly pieces up cycled into jewelry and vintage unusable typewriter keys repurposed to tell their own artistic story. There is still a silver lining, a use, a purpose, for these abandoned or forgotten objects.

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Lucinda Tay

Art has really just come back in my life within the last 6 years and I'm so grateful for it. Currently, self-teaching and exploring the possibilities little by little in hopes to find the true artist that I am.

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Megan Morris

A graphic designer by trade, Megan has been an artist for the past 10 years and went to school at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to pursue her passion. Megan works in many different mediums including digital, mix media, acrylics, water colors and others. To create her artworks, she devises a core theme and shapes the piece around it. Megan enjoys creating work that enables the audience to pull their own meaning from the piece while expressing her feelings.

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Meredith Behm

Meredith Behm is an artist of many kinds. Mostly working with plaster and spray or acrylic paint on recycled materials. She also does a lot of canvas work. She has grown up in Pittsburgh all of her life and from that has gained great inspiration from the art, the area and the world surrounding her.

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Margaret Hewitt

Midnight Hour Stitchery is the fiber art of Margaret Hewitt. As a history buff (personally and professionally), she has always been fascinated by the material goods created by generations past, especially by women. In her embroidered work, Margaret puts modern twists on the historic female tradition of needlework: playing with the kitsch territory of grandmothers, creating bright and bold cross stitched pieces inspired by the city around her, and mixing traditional hand embroidery techniques with new designs.

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Nora Thompson

Nora Thompson is an illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist and writer, and has been illustrating professionally since 1991. Her mediums include acrylics, graphite, colored pencil and digital, all on wood, board or paper. She’s the creator of characters called The Rots, and included them in her first book, Twisted: Tales to Rot Your Brain Vol. 1, which received positive reviews from Publishers Weekly, Midwest Book Review and Kirkus Reviews. Thompson is a life member of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.

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Rachel Renaudin

Rachel Renaudin Art

The very act of any form of Art can be viewed as a portal to a perception. This intrigue drives my approach, compelling me to harmonize precise drawings with a thematically painted manipulation of form, light, and color. There are countless internal and external factors that create a tone to a moment and I work to reach out to the audience and build an intense experience with every brushstroke I take. In today's technoligically driven society, I feel using physical paint on canvas has never had a more impactful opportunity. I draw to speak; I paint to feel alive.

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Rebekah Coffey

I am a Painter and Printmaker. My art takes you on visual journeys of discovering new places, feelings, cultures, and ideas. When creating a new piece, I lay out all my mediums and create a unique harmony of textures and colors. I’m inspired by dynamic elements of nature and human emotion. With each piece I hope to connect not only the viewer with the piece but the viewers experiences with eachother.

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Scott Blades

Zombies & Skulls... If that's what you're into then you've come to the right place. I typically utilize reused, recycled, and re-purposed materials in my work. I love taking junk and garbage and turning it into awesome art.

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Scott Brozovich

David Scott Brozovich is the Co-Owner of My City Sesh, Event Coordinator at Wicked Pittsburgh, and Treasurer of PghNorml. I like to paint! Let me splash color on your wall in exchange for cash! Aerosol Artist, Painter, Designer, Etc. I work with many mediums and enjoy trying new things. I just like to create, be happy and enjoy good vibes!

Stuart Frick

Stuart Frick is a Pittsburgh-bred queer artist specializing in clothing customization and painting, focusing on creating one-of-one, specialized pieces. They employ a broad range of inspiration from personal, emotional reflections played out on a clothing piece, to synesthetic experiences as a tool to show their visual day to day. A fervent love for Pittsburgh is a driving force in their continued progress, both in what is familiar and what is yet to be discovered.

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Tony Cavalline

Tony Cavalline is a mixed media artist whose work explores ideas of memory, identity, and perception. He is interested in the relation of these themes to the subjective nature of actuality and the mythologizing of experience. His paintings utilize found items combined with organic materials to create rich and tactile visual narratives.

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Zach Sierocki

Pittsburgh Artist and muralist with many different styles including abstract, African art, and pop art. Using lots of color to bring smiles, peace, and love to his audience.